At AccelerateOTT, the Early-Stage Investor Panel was so popular, during the talk you could hear a pin drop! Attendees walked away armed with the knowledge of what to look for in an Angel or VC, how to pitch, when to seek investment, how to discern b

AccelerateOTT: Finding Your Marketing “Spicy Spot”

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  Her presentations are more commonly described with the fire emoji

Starting our program bright and early, Andrew and Franco woke up the crowd of 500+ with inspirational tales of serendipity and success. There was so much quality content it was a challenge to isolate our favourite top take aways, but we did it. Here

Keynote speaker Saalim Chowdhury, Partner at 500 Startups, took to the stage at AccelerateOTT to deliver Going for Growth: 10 Things Every Founder Should Know About Growth but We Don't Talk About. What he really shared were lessons he learnt the har

This blog is part of our AccelerateOTT: Scale or Fail Speaker Series. View the full series here.  Speakers: Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt and Weekend Investor and Robleh Jama, Product Lead, Shopify Title: The Rise and Impact of the Maker Cultur

When you are a startup in full-blown raise mode, running the gauntlet of investor meetings can be overwhelming. It feels like an endless cycle of research, one-on-one's, demo days, elevator pitches, "tire-kicking" and more pitches. Founders understa

After nine years of investigation and litigation, the bureau couldn’t make its case that Barney Shum had indirectly enabled bid-rigging at Library and Archives Canada. It’s the bureau’s second major trial loss in three years. Still

If you want to understand some of the forces now gripping Ottawa’s real-estate market, take a stroll down Fentiman Avenue in the heart of the leafy district known as Rideau Gardens. It’s a quiet stretch of carefully maintained, two-store

The National Capital Region jobless rate was 4.4 per cent in May, the same as in April. Employment in federal government and high-tech sectors edged up marginally from April to 127,900 and 48,600 respectively. Overall, the local economy added 1,200

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The venture development world is founded on risk and reward. As the President and CEO of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards, I am

Ottawa’s Martello Technologies has raised $7.5 million through a private placement of shares as the firm readies to list its stock on the small market TSX Venture exchange. The firm, which employs 63 and makes technology to help companies opti

Ottawa’s Martello Networks has raised $7.4 million through a private placement of shares as the firm readies to list its stock on the small market TSX Venture exchange. The firm, which employs 63 and makes technology to help companies optimize

In celebration of National Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Day on May 31, 2018, the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) is pleased to announce the development and launch of Canada’s first Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory in collabo

It wasn’t the question most of Shopify’s board of directors had been expecting. The six individuals — all white, five of them male — had just concluded the business portion of the annual shareholders’ meeting Wednesday morning and

“Diversity and inclusion is a major area of emphasis for Invest Ottawa,” says Sonya Shorey, the firm’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Together with our community, we strive to help create an even stronger, more integrated entrepren

In the three years since it issued stock to the public, Ottawa’s electronic commerce star Shopify has shaped thousands of mostly young grads into a sales, support and engineering force recognized globally. Shareholders, who gather for their an

Ottawa might not be on Amazon’s shortlist for a second headquarters, but the online retail giant still appears to be interested in the nation’s capital Amazon will be setting up a large-scale distribution centre in a rural area of Ottawa’s east end,

Minto Group appears set to raise an estimated $200 million through a listing on the TSX. The company, one of Ottawa’s largest real estate firms, this week filed to issue investment units to the public through a new entity called Minto Apartmen

Smiths Falls’ Canopy Growth Corp. has opened its shares to interested American investors by kicking off its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. The medical marijuana company, which has been trading on the Toronto Stoc

Who’s the largest pot producer of them all? Canopy Growth Corp., the company headquartered in an old chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, had its perch at the top of the global cannabis trade shaken on Monday by two rivals who merged to form a f

An unexpected surge in new jobs in April pushed the capital region’s jobless rate down to 4.4 per cent, a level not seen in more than 30 years. This was down sharply from 4.8 per cent in March, Statistics Canada reported Friday. The drop in th

Senior finance executive joins Martello leadership team as the company pursues a public listing and future acquisitions.

Perhaps it’s just a rumour, but it’s one that describes perfectly the journey undertaken lately by Ottawa real estate titan Minto Group. Bloomberg News reported Thursday that Minto is contemplating selling $200 million worth of shares th

Invest Ottawa has been instrumental for MindBridge Ai’s growth, especially during our incubation phase. This support allowed us to attract and build an excellent and dedicated team. It also helped us to raise critical seed funding that provided a ju

At first glance Ottawa’s resale housing market seems remarkably calm. But appearances are deceiving. The Ottawa Real Estate Board reported Thursday that the average price for residential properties sold in April through the multiple listing se