The 2017 federal budget’s fresh approach to procurement has received a nod of approval from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

Harnessing the combined powers of visual communication and social media, a fast-growing Ottawa startup is shaking things up in a retail industry that’s “ripe for disruption.”

Ontario public broadcaster TVO has announced it will shut down its widely available over-the-air broadcasts in every Ontario city — with the exception of Toronto. The broadcaster, which annually receives $30 million from the province, said the move

Roland Eid will do hard time after all. The former construction boss and spy was sentenced Tuesday to seven years in prison for perpetrating multiple frauds in connection with the 2008 bankruptcy of ICI Construction — what Crown prosecutor Moray Wel

Today, you can make your own beer and wine at home that is as good or better as what you’re accustomed to buying commercially. Moreover, easy-to-make home-crafted beer and wine is far less expensive than store-bought; you can make it yourself for as

Aggressive hiring in the federal government helped to push down the capital region’s jobless rate to 5.7 per cent in January compared to 6.1 per cent in December, Statistics Canada reported Friday. It’s the lowest unemployment rate in th

Fans of Ottawa Comiccon should start warming up to do the Batusi. Adam West, the campy Batman from the 1960s, has been revealed as one of this year’s top celebrity guests. West, who is best known for his televised role as Batman, has remained

Ride-sharing application Uber has partnered with the Ottawa Senators to create an “Uber Zone” outside of Gate 1 at the Canadian Tire Centre where Uber drivers can pick up and drop off fares. The Senators said passengers can start using U

When a pastry shop shuts its doors on Valentine’s Day, it’s a pretty good sign something is amiss. So it is in the case of Ottawa retailer Swiss Pastries —a fixture in Ottawa for more than 50 years. All four of its retail shops were clos

The federal government is in the final stages of enacting legislation that will require all businesses in Canada to report any cyber security breach as soon as they become aware of it. It’s a step meant to close what critics say has been a maj

Internet shopping sensation Shopify Inc. posted record sales in both its most recent quarter and for the full 2016 fiscal year as merchants continue to migrate over to the Ottawa company. Shopify, which provides online stores and support for busines

Ottawa homeowners have been waiting many months for a sign that the country’s lopsided housing markets are set to return to equilibrium. They didn’t get one in January. While the benchmark price for single-family homes in Ottawa increase

A trendy Calgary-based restaurant is hoping to carry the success it’s seeing at Lansdowne Park to the corner of Nicholas Street and Rideau Street. The busy street corner, which has played host to a few different restaurants in recent year

After spending a few days with it, I can honestly say there’s a lot to like about Nintendo Inc.’s new Switch gaming console. That said, I should probably point out that what I like about the Switch is exactly what I liked about the

The Ottawa International Airport has been recognized by an international trade association being named among the best airports in North America. The Ottawa Airport in a three-way tie for second place with El Paso and Tampa airports in the

#SheMeansBusiness was launched one year ago on March 8, International Women’s Day, with the goal of  supporting, celebrating and empowering female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. Successful women in business 

Ottawa police have charged two people in connection with the trafficking of stolen vehicles. In November, police launched an investigation into an alleged criminal operation in the city’s west end that specialized in dealing in stolen veh

Fuelled by a significant jump in federal government employment, the region’s jobless rate slipped to 5.3 per cent in February compared to 5.7 per cent in January, Statistics Canada reported Friday. The drop reflects the net addition of 3,000 j

An Ottawa maker of sexual aids has settled a lawsuit with a U.S. woman for $3.75 million US over concerns about the way the company handles data its products generate. In September, a lawsuit was filed in an Illinois court against Standard Innovatio

While Ottawa-based Shopify has been under a microscope because of its ties to controversial right-wing website Breitbart, there are other questionable items being sold using the company’s technology. Guns, drugs and escort

A year ago, Finance Minister Bill Morneau stuffed nearly $400 million in emergency funds into the coffers of Shared Services Canada, the agency responsible for building and caring for the government’s electronic backbone. The two-year budget a

Given its rapid sales trajectory it was only a matter of time Shopify would outgrow its state-of-the-art headquarters building at 150 Elgin St. That 170,000-square-foot facility was outfitted just three years ago. But last week Shopify Inc. signed a

Perhaps we should be a little insulted. There’s a section in Wednesday’s federal budget that highlights how a multitude of measures aimed at accelerating innovation are supposed to work. The government wants us to create innovation superclusters — “

Don’t count Gabe Batstone among those who believe automation is the enemy of the blue-collar worker.

The company says it can still accept cash and credit card payments of up to $300 and that all Shoppers Optimum points from transactions will be added later