Something profoundly important is taking place in the region’s economic engine — and the shape of it could be discerned this week. The Ottawa area is finally acquiring the flagship corporations that have been so lacking since the disappearance

A lot was riding on Canopy Growth’s first (nearly) full quarter in which recreational pot was legal — we’re talking the three months ended Dec. 31. Anxious investors have been keen for evidence Canopy Growth really is the country’s

An Ottawa security and data analytics firm has been bought by a massive U.K. software company for an undisclosed amount. Interset, which has been a fixture of the national capital’s technology landscape for decades, will be acquired by Micro F

Shopify reported a 54 per cent year over year jump in fourth quarter revenues to $343.9.1 million. This was significantly ahead of the consensus estimate of $327.7 million as tracked by Thomson Reuters. (All figures in U.S. dollars.) The e-commerce

Quote from the CEO: “Being able to take an idea and turn it into a company is, for me, the greatest reward of being a CEO.” Lawyer turned CEO,  Bree Jamieson-Holloway made the decision to leave corporate law to launch her very own tech c