Of all the milestones that come with building a startup, very few compare to the feeling that happens when you get your first paying customer. Finally, someone believes in you and is willing to pay for your solution! All that hard work feels worth it and you have the motivation and validation you need to move forward.

Pat Crosscombe, CEO & Founder of BoardSpace, has been chasing that feeling since 2013 when she first came up with the idea for her startup. After five years as President of her condo’s Board of Directors Pat was fed up with the time it took to get meeting minutes approved and spending way too much time on administrative tasks instead of on more important duties. Pat decided to build a software for condo boards to streamline this administrative burden and save directors and property managers time and money. Pat now is looking for customers for her all-in-one board management software ready for use by condos, HOAs (homeowners' associations), Community Associations, and non-profits.

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