Originally published on August 3rd, 2015 on builtinottawa.ca  . Brad Campeau is the kind of guy you’d like to grab a beer with. . In his line of work, that can be easily arranged. Campeau runs Brew Donkey, a business that delivers craft beer and runs tours to local breweries. . Campeau isn’t your typical business owner. You’re more likely to find him in t-shirts and shorts than button up shirts. He likes high fives more than the average guy. And he also donned the Brew Donkey mascot during our interview – a plastic donkey mask with unfortunately placed eye holes. . Campeau recently became an Ottawa hero after going public with his fight against the Tourist Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). . He thought Brew Donkey fell under the regulations for sightseeing or guide services businesses. But TICO ruled that Brew Donkey is a travel agency, meaning it must own the buses it uses on its tours. . Campeau felt at a loss of options. . “I couldn’t imagine buying a bus at a year and three months into the business,” he said.”I couldn’t imagine becoming a travel agency because of the onerous details as well as a huge deposit… […]