Founded in Ottawa in 1997, Macadamian Technologies Inc. is a full-service software outsourcing firm for companies..." /> Macadamian’s combination of software development and related services accelerates annual growth to 52% | Ottawa TechWatch

Ottawa’s vibrant software culture and business development support opportunities allow Macadamian to
excel at delivering complex and time-sensitive projects

Founded in Ottawa in 1997, Macadamian Technologies Inc. is a full-service software outsourcing firm for companies seeking to develop new products or improve existing products. In 2006, Macadamian acquired Maskery, one of Canada’s leading research and design consultancies focused on human factors and user experience design.

Macadamian serves the Desktop Application, Device Driver, Instrumentation Software, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Web Application, Healthcare and Wireless Application markets with clients that include Nortel, FileMaker, Corel, Espial and Cognos. 

Macadamian is on track to grow over 40% in 2011. With headquarters in Ottawa, and offices in the US, Romania, and Armenia, the company employs 160 people. 

Building on their long-term success, Macadamian won two International Design Awards in 2011— a Gold award for Energy Conservation Equipment and a Silver award for Residential Sustainable Design.

Why Ottawa

Frédéric Boulanger, President of Macadamian, came to Ottawa from the University of Sherbrooke in eastern Quebec for a co-op placement at Corel in 1993, with bigger plans of building a career in the US. Upon discovering the many benefits and career opportunities Ottawa had to offer, Boulanger decided to stay and raise a family. Boulanger worked at Corel until 1997 when he and three partners created Macadamian Technologies Inc. 

Macadamian credits the presence of larger high tech companies like Mitel, Nortel and Cognos, for putting Ottawa on the global high tech map. These and many other high tech companies contribute to Ottawa’s vibrant software culture, a feature that is unique to a city of its size (just over 1,148,800). The extensive talent pool, expertise, networking and business opportunities available in Ottawa have made it the sustainable and innovative high tech community it is today. 

For support in the areas of business development and networking, Macadamian takes advantage of the Ottawa Centre of Research and Innovation’s (OCRI) events; the Zone5ive technology marketing forum; SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network), a forum to promote and exchange experiences and ideas in software process improvement; and the Technology Executive Breakfast (TEB), a senior management forum. The company also acknowledges the Ottawa Software Cluster (OSC), an industry-sponsored association whose purpose is to help founders, owners and executives of local software companies to build great businesses in the Ottawa community.

Business advantage

Integrated Ventures’ Communicator is a browser toolbar that provides search capability, streaming news, and links to related web sites to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Integrated Ventures had a conceptual design of the new product, and asked Macadamian to help commercialize it. Rob Penna, CEO at Integrated Ventures states that Macadamian’s team of local software managers and global engineers allowed his company to leverage the cost savings of offshore outsourcing without the usual coordination headaches, and accelerate the release of its product.

ImaSight Inc., is a developer and supplier of innovative digital radiography solutions for human and animal healthcare. The company was founded in 2002 to respond to the need for an all-digital x-ray system that delivered “hospital quality” images at an affordable price for any size healthcare practice. ImaSight called upon Macadamian to design and engineer a user-friendly interface for the product. ImaSight’s ImaRay product is a vast improvement over traditional x-ray technology, eliminating the wait time for x-ray film to develop and letting users manipulate digital images.

Cognos’ Upfront product is a software portal that lets users access other Cognos BI applications, interface with data and organize it meaningfully. Macadamian engineers developed the Cognos Upfront 7.0 Upgrade Tool, which converts Cognos Upfront 6.0 data to the 7.0 format. This allowed the Cognos team to focus on developing the rest of the application knowing that the Upgrade Tool would be delivered on time, on budget, and to specifications.

Future growth plans

Macadamian believes the next wave of the software industry is in the area of design. The company wants to continue on a path of 30-40% growth with plans to acquire/merge with other companies that compliment Macadamian’s services. The company is also looking to continue to extend its footprint in the US and European markets.

Contact information

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