.           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 19th, 2017   . Kayla Hunt Iversoft Solutions 613-421-3498 kayla@iversoft.ca   Job Opportunity On The Rise As Mobile Agency Acquires Indy Gaming Studio Ottawa, ON – October 5th, 2016: Local gaming market booms with opportunity as Iversoft Solutions Inc. acquires Indy gaming company Jelly Smeared Games Inc.   . Made popular by the iconic ‘Bytown Skate and Brawl,’ – an eight-bit race modeled after a 1980’s arcade game, Jelly Smeared Games has joined forces with Iversoft Solutions to expand the indy gaming market and put Ottawa on the map as a National Gaming hub.   . With both companies making moves in the AR/VR gaming space, partnering up seemed like the best way to invade the Ottawa gaming space. “We want to push boundaries and turn heads,” says the former president of Jelly Smeared Games Ken Hughes. “By combining forces, not only do we plan on launching more experimental titles in 2017, but we hope to attract and recruit more talent to the Ottawa job market.”   . The terms of the acquisition are unknown, but what we do know is they promise multisensory storytelling at its finest. The […]