Spotlight on Local Startups: Haggle

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It has been a little while since we featured an Ottawa business on the blog, but that’s because we have been very, very busy giving Startup Ottawa a little tender loving care – not because there is any lack of exciting new businesses in Ottawa! Quite the opposite actually, there are more and more new and innovative businesses starting up every day! Today I was fortunate enough to learn more about exciting entrepreneur Deepali Bhatt, Vice President of Marketing and Co-founder of the Ottawa startup – Haggle. . Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Deepali! I’m excited to learn about your business Haggle, what exactly is Haggle all about?   Haggle is a low-cost and flexible local procurement company for private SME, which leverages bargaining in the global marketplace to negotiate the best deal for its clients and delivers savings by multi-sourcing the procurement items. . Interesting, give me a little background, what was the need that you saw that inspired your business? Tell me about your ‘a-ha!’ moment. We were doing a University project and as part of our research we took a deep-dive on SME in Canada and Ottawa. During our research we found that despite forming  the backbone of Canadian […]