When Michael Wernick emerged as the federal government’s top bureaucrat 16 months ago, he had little idea just how radically the job of clerk of the privy council was about to change. Usually the clerk’s emphasis is on policy, on providing cabinet with expert, non-partisan advice. But Wernick very quickly learned his main focus would […]


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    It was music to my ears (eyes) a few days ago, when I read the section entitled, "Skills, Knowledge and Culture" that speaks to the need to raise our game in project management.

    Excerpt: "Skills, knowledge and culture | Public servants are often called upon to lead large-scale projects, many of which are interdisciplinary and involve multiple stakeholders. While most executives have some project management or oversight responsibilities, they often have little formal training to support these. We need to raise our game in project management, learning from our strengths and the many examples of excellence and best practices both within our ranks and in other jurisdictions around the world. It is critical to provide support and training to project managers so that they are equipped with the skills and tools they need to do their jobs. Source: http://pmbydesign.ca/data/documents/24rpt-eng.pdf