In Ottawa’s tech sector, there are more jobs than people to fill them. In the Kanata North business park alone — once referred to as Silicon Valley North, at the height of the dot-com boom — there are today 3,000 unfilled positions. “Unemployment in

For most of the past 15 years — ever since Nortel began hemorrhaging jobs — the morning rush hour traffic in Kanata has largely been outbound, heading into downtown Ottawa or other parts of the region. Office buildings had floors of unused space. Th

Citron Research editor Andrew Left upped his attack against Ottawa’s software star Shopify on Wednesday by threatening to publish a second negative report about the company’s business. The brash short-seller, who earns money by betting a

The capital region’s job market showed little movement in September as the jobless rate declined to 5.8 per cent from 5.9 per cent in August, Statistics Canada reported Friday. While the number of jobs dropped 1,300, the size of the labour for

At one level it’s easy to see why Shopify adopted a low profile following allegations from Citron Research that its share price is overvalued and its marketing practices “illegal”. Ottawa’s e-commerce technology star just las

Nordik Spa-Nature will soon be able to accommodate more overnight guests with a new 60-room hotel that will be dedicated to wellness, yoga and meditation. The spa, located in Chelsea, Que., touts itself as the largest spa destination in North A

Internet trends in Canada

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A company once hailed as the future in waste management for the City of Ottawa is trying to re-establish itself as a player in the green energy industry after burning through more than $300 million in its unsuccessful first attempt. Plasco is trying

If there was any doubt before the latest national census, there certainly isn’t now: Ottawa residents are no longer the envy of the rest of the country when it comes to income. During the decade ended 2015, median household income in Ottawa cr

There’s a revolution going on in Canadian industry and small business, and it’s taking the world by storm.

The Salvation Army's first public consultation about its proposed homeless shelter for Vanier generated noisy opposition inside and outside the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre on Wednesday.

It seems every serious tech company is doing it — Apple, Google, Nvidia, LinkedIn and, soon, Amazon. They’re building, or have already built, vast new operations centres that celebrate the companies’ brands and provide unique working spa

The national capital region showed an impressive drop in the jobless rate in August. The rate fell to 5.9 per cent from 6.3 per cent in July, largely due to 6,100 fewer people in the labour force, along with 3,000 fewer jobs. In Ottawa, the rate fel

Save 60 to 70 per cent off liquor store prices when you make your own wine at DeFalco's

When Hurricane Harvey smashed into Texas on Aug. 25, it sparked a chain reaction that pushed up gasoline prices across North America, perhaps nowhere more forcefully than in Canada’s national capital region. By Sunday, motorists in Ottawa had

A different kind of pinball wizard

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When Kim Darowski retired four years ago from his job as a Bell Canada technician he bought a small warehouse and stuffed it full of pinball machines and related paraphernalia.  “I didn’t want to get bored during retirement,”

Retail prices averaged 128.2 cents per litre for regular unleaded gas across the Ottawa region Saturday, up 7.8 cents per litre from Friday according to, a website that tracks energy prices across North America. On average, prices were

A medical marijuana company in Carleton Place has received permission from Health Canada to start growing cannabis. The cultivation licence for RockGarden Medicinals Inc. was approved Aug. 25. The company operates from a building in an industrial pa

With New-Teeth-in-a-Day, patients shorten the 18- to 24-month process to install traditional implants down to just a few months, with about half the cost.

Work-life balance, what is it to you? A phrase, a goal, a far-off notion? While your story may feel like the latter at times, we’re here to offer up another narrative – one that takes place in Ottawa where work-life balance can be attained! Ranked #

A former Ottawa technology star has dimmed after a series of business decisions failed to pan out. Once an inspiration to other Ottawa-area software firms, Fuel Industries recently found itself insolvent and has now been acquired by one of its credi

McDonald’s restaurants across Canada are celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary in Canada with an offer of cheap hamburgers for a large part of Wednesday. This may be the only event of the summer that isn’t trying to hitchhike

Perhaps the best way to look at the National Capital Region’s $5-billion-a-year tech industry is that it survived the very worst that could be hurled at it. Bruised by the collapse of Internet share prices in 2000, the sector was brought to it

When a company suddenly loses $350 million in market value, as Kinaxis did last week, it’s ordinarily a time for serious soul-searching. Not this time. “We show up everyday and punch the giants in the nose,” says John Sicard, the c

Summer Report 2017

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My oh my, do we ever have a lot to share with you today. Ottawa sure has lacked its traditional sunny weather recently, but that hasn’t stopped Ottawa’s economy from heating up! And the timing couldn’t be better, as Ottawa was named Canada’s t