PS. If you haven’t heard of the start-up club yet, please go back and read Giving and getting help is what the start-up club is about. It is entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs so they can achieve their goals for FREE (beyond registration to access the Codefactory facilities). The idea is to hel

In the tech meltdown of 2002, four out of five laid-off tech workers did not find work in high tech, and in Ottawa-Gatineau two out of five laid-off tech workers left the region. In 2009, Canada's Capital Region high tech sector faces a significantly greater challenge.

Today, Ontario's Talent First Network is pleased to announce the l

By Nathan RudykI blogged about Oracle's US$7.4 billion acquisition of Sun being a portent of sunnier days in tech, and that industry veterans including John Dvorak smell a bottom in tech markets. Now, another rumbling from the Apple ecosystem.As I pointed out the NASDAQ's holding its own so far this year while the DOW's down about 10%. Yet 90% of

Canada should follow Obama's stimulus lead: CATA

Ottawa, ON – January 13, 2009 - OCRI announces the “3 for Free” program designed to help start-ups navigate the current economic turbulence. The free membership for start-ups provides unlimited access to OCRI’s full range of services and expertise.In order to take advantage of the “3 for Free” program, companies must

Eight Ontario high-tech companies will each receivean investment of up to $500,000 from Ontario's Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) to take their breakthroughtechnologies and products to market.

The Facts About Nortel

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Network World put together a good FAQ that answers some of the obvious questions about what the bankruptcy filing means.Technorati Tags: bankruptcy, Nortel
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Please take a few minutes to cast your vote for the 24th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Award Winners.

Lead to Win - Apply Today!

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Call for talented technology individuals to join Lead to WinIf you are serious about starting a profitable tech-based business in the National Capital Region during the current economic situation, we invite you to apply to Lead to Win (LTW).The first LTW training session starts May 19, 2009. If you have what it takes, we encourage [...]

By Nathan RudykSometimes, a tech CEO just nails it when it comes to positioning a product or service.Last night I spent some time rewriting a client's draft customer success story. In the story, the cool hosted service was repeatedly referred to as a great/innovative/efficient TECHNOLOGY.And then today I read FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment's interv

Nortel Has a Pulse But….

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David Burton has an interesting blog post about how he believes Nortel shouldn’t be written off just yet. Before anyone gets too excited about Burton’s thesis, he’s focused on the technical side of the house, including projects such as web.alive.The problem with Nortel has more to do with senior management and strategic vision, a
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The Ottawa Windows Server User Group announce that we are now accepting applications to join our TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring certification study group. The previous study group was very successful with over 85% of the participants obtaining the certification by the end of the study group.

The Ottawa Windows Server User Group looking to start a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Study group (70-236). The OWSUG has been running study groups for several years and many in the Ottawa IT community have taken advantage of these opportunities for assistance with certification, as well as gaining valuable knowledge that can be applied on the j

Owen Byrne is currently Senior Manager of Travelpod Labs, where he is leading a crack team of developers building a large travel-related application for launch in February 2009. He is probably best known as the co-founder and original developer of, which at one point was the 55th largest website in the world according to He wa

Thoughts from a Nortel Employee

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A Nortel employee sent along their thoughts on today’s bankruptcy filing. I thought it would provide some valuable insight:“It’s a say day” will likely be repeated across Canada today. But why is it a sad day? I would argue that the sadness will mainly be felt by current employees and then potentially some past [...]

No Severance for You!

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There’s obviously a lot of bad things involved with Nortel’s decision to file for bankruptcy protection but among the most stinging - at least in the short-term - is the that many people who recently left Nortel with severance packages won’t be receiving them. This likely includes many of the senior executives - ex-CTO John [...]
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Nortel doesn't have to be doomed

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We can't just stand by and watch the butchery of a former thoroughbred. With new management and public support, the company can be born again

Readers of the Citizen are well aware of the sorry state of Nortel Networks since it filed for bankruptcy protection in January. But no action of substance has been taken when it comes to saving the compa

End game at Nortel

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Canadian technology icon contemplates final asset sales

Nortel Networks -- still the country's largest high-tech firm -- is disintegrating at a faster pace than many thought possible just a few weeks ago.

One of three large business units could be sold as early as Thursday while announcements detailing the sale of the others are expected in
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Nortel's fate -- and our own

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When the history of Ottawa's high-tech industry is written, it might well be divided into the B.N. and A.N. periods, Before Nortel and After Nortel, though how the A.N. era will look like is anyone's guess.

In fact, the story of Nortel is as much a national story as a local one......

Nortel not a candidate for provincial funding

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Bryant later said that Nortel would likely not be a candidate for any kind of provincial funding.

“There are certain criteria,” he told reporters after the speech. “One is a strong balance sheet. Obviously Nortel didn’t have a strong balance sheet, which is why they’re in the situation they are in.”

After Nortel What comes next?

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Hope, for starters, plus a little startup help from Terry Matthews

By James Bagnall, The Ottawa Citizen
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Nortel sales fall 37% in first quarter

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Bert Hill , The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Nortel Networks said Monday that no decisions have yet been made on selling key operating units as it announced a big loss on weak sales in the March quarter.....
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Following this morning's 1Q09 financials announcement, Nortel president and CEO Mike Zafirovski sent an email to the entire Nortel employee base:

From: Mike Zafirovski, CEO

To: Nortel Employees

May 11, 2009

Team Nortel:

Today we announced our results for the first quarter as well as provided an update on our business and strategy
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Nortel top gun's spin job tough to swallow

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Zafirovski fails to connect with firm's Q1 slide

By James Bagnall, The Ottawa Citizen

From the start, there's been a curious disconnect between Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski's plans and achievements.

Late in 2005, the talk was about orchestrating one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of business....
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Nortel sales continue freefall

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Quarterly sales plunge 37%; losses hit $507M

By Bert Hill, The Ottawa Citizen

It's almost four months into bankruptcy protection and Nortel Networks employees, pensioners and creditors are still looking for the road out.

Nortel said Monday there are still no decisions on selling key divisions or releasing a new business plan as it announced
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